Antalya Çigdemi (Crocus Antalyensis)

Antalya is a city with endemic* plant richness and can be shown as the 'Treasure of Plants' in the world.
It has a wealth of endemic plants far above most of the European countries. Moreover, Antalya is the city with the most number of endemic plants in Turkey and it’s endemic taxon number is 840. Antalya Çi?demi (Crocus Antalyensis): It is a perennial plant. It grows in quercus (oak) forests at an altitude of 900-1250 meters. It blooms in October-December. (*) Endemic is a region-specific animal/plant species that lives/grows only in a certain region due to the ecological conditions of its region, and is not likely to live/grow elsewhere in the world. Photo credit: Andrew on GrowsOnYou and John Lonsdale on Pacific Bulb Society. #antalyacitylife